What Clients say

Jill has been my counsellor for the past year. She has helped me a great deal with the loss of family members and also how to deal with my anger and anxiety, she has made me a stronger person and I couldn’t thank her enough for that.
— Lauren, 15, Northampton
It was the best thing I have ever done for my mental wellbeing. I have suffered with periods of low mood and low self-esteem for such a long time it had just become normal…. I resigned myself to accepting this as my way of life. It wasn’t until I went through a series of difficult life events that I decided to take my future wellbeing into my own hands and looked into private non-time restricted counselling…

… Yes it was hard work but for such good reasons and for such good results and the environment was a safe one in which to discuss and challenge some very entrenched beliefs. I have benefitted so much from my sessions with Jill and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who feels they would benefit from looking really deeply at themselves and challenging any negative thoughts or beliefs they may have that are restricting personal well-being and growth.
— Kelly, 39, Warwick

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When I first went to see Jill I wasn’t sure what to expect from a counsellor. What I got was a calm, approachable and (most importantly) normal person who spoke to me about what I felt, how I felt about it, and what I wanted to get out of the sessions. I never felt pressured to talk about anything I didn’t feel comfortable with, and the sessions went at my own pace. Jill was kind and professional throughout, making me feel at ease…

When I first spoke to Jill one of the things I wanted to do was be more spontaneous - how I used to be before anxiety made me think twice before leaving the house. I am writing this review after coming back from a lovely holiday, something that I would have been terrified about before. Thank you so much Jill, and to anyone reading this, don’t let the stigma that unfortunately still surrounds counselling be a barrier to your happiness!
— Chris, 26, Coventry

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I came to you with the mindset that I’ll always have depression and anxiety and just wanted the tools to manage it. Once you explained that it was as a result of complex trauma, I admit it threw me. You gave me all of the information I needed to process this new information and supported me fully, at my own pace.

After 13 years of counselling, CBT and medication, I was willing and ready to try EMDR to process my childhood. It was intense, it left me tired but it also allowed me to get emotional, deal with the traumatic memories and move on. You always went at a pace I was comfortable with whilst moving me forwards rather than back.

EMDR has changed my life. Where as once I would agonise for weeks over upcoming tests at work, I now don’t even take revision home with me. I am more self-aware. I don’t put additional (unnecessary) pressure on myself. I focus on the positives. I feel free of the dread that once encompassed me.

If anybody is considering using Jill, go for it. She will put you completely at ease. If you are willing to put in the work, she will help you to hopefully change your life
— Minna - 27